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Lightweight and easy-to-use blog comments system, low friction, easy to self-host, GPLv3, respects users

Updated 8 months ago privileged automation agent

Updated 9 months ago

Grafana/InfluxData style config overrides based on environment variables

Updated 2 months ago

owncast customizations & stream elements

Updated 5 months ago

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User-facing desktop application for

Updated 9 months ago mirror

Updated 10 months ago

a WebExtension to make firefox refresh the page & keep the backblaze session alive so you don't get logged out.

Updated 10 months ago

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fork of

Updated 10 months ago

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new version of send email from command line utility, this time based on golang

Updated 10 months ago

Peer-to-peer VPN and WebRTC gateway for, built on libp2p

Updated 10 months ago

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ludum dare 46

Updated 10 months ago

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Run a temporary instance of Excalibur PDF extraction tool more easily without fighting dependency issues.

Updated 10 months ago

patch nautilus (ubuntu file manager) to remove stupid hubris changes

Updated 10 months ago

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Track your finances without uploading your personal information to somebody's server. Designed for ease of use.

Updated 10 months ago