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Lightweight and easy-to-use blog comments system, low friction, easy to self-host, GPLv3, respects users

Updated 6 months ago

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The easy way to transfer files over the internet, like copy and paste

Updated 8 months ago

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fork of six-ddc/httpflow on github

Updated 8 months ago privileged automation agent

Updated 7 months ago

🌱🏠 a cloud service to enable your own server (owned by you and running on your computer) to be accessible on the internet in seconds, no credit card required

Updated 2 weeks ago

Grafana/InfluxData style config overrides based on environment variables

Updated 1 week ago

owncast customizations & stream elements

Updated 3 months ago

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User-facing desktop application for

Updated 7 months ago mirror

Updated 8 months ago

a WebExtension to make firefox refresh the page & keep the backblaze session alive so you don't get logged out.

Updated 8 months ago

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fork of

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new version of send email from command line utility, this time based on golang

Updated 8 months ago

Peer-to-peer VPN and WebRTC gateway for, built on libp2p

Updated 8 months ago

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Track your finances without uploading your personal information to somebody's server. Designed for ease of use.

Updated 8 months ago