Reverse Proxy to ENFORCE the robots.txt against malicious crawlers that don't respect it
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What does a GPT training web-crawler see when it tries to access our forgejo instance and look at every single file at every single commit, ignoring robots.txt and sending a generic user-agent header? Here is the preview:

Yep thats right. The entire christian bible (4MB), at about 100 bytes per second.


if anyone needs to clear the data to unblock someone, these are the commands to run on paimon:

sudo -i

docker stop gitea_forgejo-crawler-blocker
rm /etc/docker-compose/gitea/forgejo-crawler-blocker/traffic.db
docker start gitea_forgejo-crawler-blocker

persistent data storage

/forgejo-crawler-blocker/data inside the docker container.

forests manaul build process

Run on server: (paimon)

cd /home/forest/forgejo-crawler-blocker && git pull sequentialread main  && cd /etc/docker-compose/gitea && docker stop gitea_forgejo-crawler-blocker_1 || true && docker rm gitea_forgejo-crawler-blocker_1 || true && docker image rm gitea_forgejo-crawler-blocker || true && rm -f forgejo-crawler-blocker/traffic.db && docker-compose up -d && sleep 1 && docker logs -n 1000 -f gitea_forgejo-crawler-blocker_1