docker based auto-configurator for Caddy 2 & docker-compose
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This repository contains two things,

  1. The docker-compose.yml file which holds all the services I run on my personal website.
  1. An application that talks to the docker socket to get info about containers and then generates a Caddy config, which it posts to Caddy 2 HTTP server.

I am making my own instead for a couple reasons:

  1. I don't like the template-based solutions because they are harder to debug. One typically cannot put breakpoints or print statements inside a large complicated template file.
  2. I had already written code that generates Caddy configs for some of my other projects. This is the code that eventually became greenhouse-daemon.

Example docker labels to configure a container to be served publically:

	sequentialread-80-public-port: 443
	sequentialread-80-public-protocol: https
	sequentialread-80-public-hostnames: ","
	sequentialread-80-container-protocol: http

how to generate favicon for ghost

sudo apt install icoutils
icotool -c -o test.ico sequentialread_favicon.png logo48.png logo70.png logo128.png