my fork of Gabes awesome self hosted live stream publishing software
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Third party web dependencies

Owncast's web frontend utilizes a few third party Javascript and CSS dependencies that we ship with the application.

To add, remove, or update one of these components:

  1. Perform your npm install/uninstall/etc, or edit the package.json file to reflect the change you want to make.
  2. Edit the snowpack install block of package.json to specify what files you want to add to the Owncast project. This can be an entire library (such as preact) or a single file (such as video.js/dist/video.min.js). These paths point to files that live in node_modules.
  3. Run npm run build. This will download the requested module from NPM, package up the assets you specified, and then copy them to the Owncast web app in the webroot/js/web_modules directory.
  4. Your new web dependency is now available for use in your web code.

VideoJS versions

Currently Videojs version 7.8.3 and http-streaming version 2.2.0 are hardcoded because these are versions that have been found to work properly with our HLS stream. Other versions have had issues with things like discontinuities causing a loading spinner.

So if you update videojs or vhs make sure you do an end-to-end test of a stream and make sure the "this stream is offline" ending video displays properly.