75 Commits (develop)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  forest 2bd5867eb8 remove unused code 3 months ago
  forest 5e5c7782ff adding self-destruct endpoint for restarting the server from admin panel 3 months ago
  forest 21e54594e2 add offline stream image to client & cleaning up duplicate code 3 months ago
  forest 6c36483e2b first try separating logo image from offline stream image 3 months ago
  forest e67f711db5 first test build with direct HLS streaming from a samba share 4 months ago
  Gabe Kangas 61e07bf945 API for setting a list of blocked usernames. For #782 4 months ago
  Gabe Kangas 36a15a97dd Handle the server summary data as auto-linked markdown. Closes #1010 4 months ago
  Gabe Kangas 91f6dcd0f6
Active viewer PING controller. Closes #790 (#990) 4 months ago
  Gabe Kangas 8287484cc6 Add Google FLoC opt-out header on web page requests. Closes #939 5 months ago
  Gabe Kangas 5214d81264
Codec selection (#892) 5 months ago
  Gabe Kangas f313f69946 Return success on custom styles save 5 months ago
  Gabe Kangas df7dff081f Set and get custom styling for web interface. For #718 5 months ago
  Gabe Kangas f81c78f9e1 Sort bitrates for displaying. Closes #889 5 months ago
  nebunez 826aa3f158
update logo POST route (#773) 6 months ago
  nebunez 80579c5e7e
implement custom welcome message (#820) 6 months ago
  Gabe Kangas e015ea60c5 Fix system actions not rendering markdown 6 months ago
  Gabe Kangas 3fb80554ef
Gek/external actions (#827) 6 months ago
  Gabe Kangas bf33d08384
Add support for disabling chat. Closes #472 (#799) 6 months ago
  Gabe Kangas 6f545a905b
Support full html in system messages. Closes #747 (#814) 6 months ago
  Gabe Kangas c713e216d3
Allow selection of different stream variants in the player (#815) 6 months ago
  Gabe Kangas 4a233ab7ac Return detailed error. Closes #781 6 months ago
  Jannik a6c269dd1c
Remove peak viewer counts from public status feed (#771) 6 months ago
  Bradley Hilton b61a952bd8
Return the scaled height and width of a stream output variant (#769) 6 months ago
  Gabe Kangas 4f833be80a Add ability to mark a message as ephemeral and set it with title changes 7 months ago
  Gabe Kangas dc8cdb09d5 Fix metadata.html crash. Closes #746. Re: #685 7 months ago
  Gabe Kangas bc2caadb74
0.0.6 -> Master (#731) 7 months ago
  Gabe Kangas 68f481d8be Render markdown to extra page content in prerelease api 8 months ago
  Mirco T a149e2bb50
Added new endpoints to modify settings in-memory (#517) 8 months ago
  gingervitis 8a74af202d
Update chat message visibility for moderation (#524) 8 months ago
  Gabe Kangas 8328d1cb11 Disable serving a directory listing. Closes #530 8 months ago
  Gabe Kangas 1ff70c13c5 Surface RTMP server port in admin. For #475 9 months ago
  Gabe Kangas 40e63546cb Limit number of log entries returned. Closes #423 9 months ago
  Gabe Kangas 92dc98a0ea Make things not break if video passthrough is enabled + update admin to display video settings a bit clearer. A start to #306 10 months ago
  Gabe Kangas e860f9ab2f Add missing content-type 10 months ago
  gingervitis 01f16aeddf
Simplify Logo requirement from users. (#373) 10 months ago
  Gabe Kangas 4d2066a76d
Start cleaning up linter errors. (#358) 10 months ago
  Christian Muehlhaeuser 2e1f8d29b5
Fix godoc style comments (#356) 10 months ago
  Gabe Kangas 00b1e06840
Support admin paths with index.html (#332) 10 months ago
  Gabe Kangas 1dbd550134
Bundle and serve admin (#317) 10 months ago
  Gabe Kangas 856961ad2d Replace admin broadcaster with status api 10 months ago
  Gabe Kangas 4de2841659 Remove stale client purging. Use sockets to count clients. #323 10 months ago
  Gabe Kangas 5c6f5fc697 Add logging admin APIs for dashboard #114 10 months ago
  Gabe Kangas 4b70edac83 Fill in all the values for the admin config api 11 months ago
  Gabe Kangas 2ee09f9697 Add stream key to config admin api 11 months ago
  Gabe Kangas 903c977b13 Add GetAdminStatus endpoint that is compatible with admin auth 11 months ago
  bitspill bfbac8cc57
Variable collisions; Possible use of nil value (#256) 11 months ago
  Gabe Kangas 64a85e68aa
Update extra page content API (#240) 11 months ago
  Gabe Kangas 2aa9a86e3d Allow non-root paths for index.html when returning server-rendered metadata page. Closes #227 11 months ago
  Gabe Kangas aac7fa2476 Show YP configuration in the config API 11 months ago
  Gabe Kangas d7e355bce1
Connected clients admin API (#217) 11 months ago