my fork of Gabes awesome self hosted live stream publishing software
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HLS video handling/storage/state refactor (#151) * WIP with new transcoder progress monitor * A whole different WIP in progress monitoring via local PUTs * Use an actual hls playlist parser to rewrite master playlist * Cleanup * Private vs public path for thumbnail generation * Allow each storage provider to make decisions of how to store different types of files * Simplify inbound file writes * Revert * Split out set stream as connected/disconnected state methods * Update videojs * Add comment about the hls handler * Rework of the offline stream state. For #85 * Delete old unreferenced video segment files from disk * Cleanup all segments and revert to a completely offline state after 5min * Stop thumbnail generation on stream stop. Copy logo to thumbnail on cleanup. * Update transcoder test * Add comment * Return http 200 on success to transcoder. Tweak how files are written to disk * Force pixel color format in transcoder * Add debugging info for S3 transfers. Add default ACL. * Fix cleanup timer * Reset session stats when we cleanup the session. * Put log file back * Update test * File should not be a part of this commit * Add centralized shared performance timer for use anywhere * Post-rebase cleanup * Support returning nil from storage provider save * Updates to reflect package changes + other updates in master * Fix storage providers being overwritten * Do not return pointer in save. Support cache headers with S3 providers * Split out videojs + vhs and point to specific working versions of them * Bump vjs and vhs versions * Fix test * Remove unused * Update upload warning message * No longer valid comment * Pin videojs and vhs versions
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0.0.6 -> Master (#731) * Implement webhook events for external integrations (#574) * Implement webhook events for external integrations Reference #556 * move message type to models and remove duplicate * add json header so content type can be determined * Pass at migrating webhooks to datastore + management apis (#589) * Pass at migrating webhooks to datastore + management apis * Support nil lastUsed timestamps and return back the new webhook on create * Cleanup from review feedback * Simplify a bit Co-authored-by: Aaron Ogle <> Co-authored-by: Gabe Kangas <> * Webhook query cleanup * Access tokens + Send system message external API (#585) * New add, get and delete access token APIs * Create auth token middleware * Update last_used timestamp when using an access token * Add auth'ed endpoint for sending system messages * Cleanup * Update api spec for new apis * Commit updated API documentation * Add auth'ed endpoint for sending user chat messages * Return access token string * Commit updated API documentation * Fix route * Support nil lastUsed time * Commit updated Javascript packages * Remove duplicate function post rebase * Fix msg id generation * Update controllers/admin/chat.go Co-authored-by: Aaron Ogle <> * Webhook query cleanup * Add SystemMessageSent to EventType Co-authored-by: Owncast <> Co-authored-by: Aaron Ogle <> * Set webhook as used on completion. Closes #610 * Display webhook errors as errors * Commit updated API documentation * Add user joined chat event * Change integration API paths. Update API spec * Update development version of admin that supports integration apis * Commit updated API documentation * Add automated tests for external integration APIs * check error * quiet this test for now * Route up some additional 3rd party apis. #638 * Commit updated API documentation * Save username on user joined event * Add missing scope to valid scopes list * Add generic chat action event API for 3rd parties. Closes #666 * Commit updated API documentation * First pass at moving WIP config framework into project for #234 * Only support exported fields in custom types * Using YP get/set key as a first pass at using the data layer. Fixes + integration. * Ignore test db * Start adding getters and setters for config values * More get/set config work. Starting to populate api with data * Wire up some config edit endpoints * More endpoints * Disable cors middleware * Add more endpoints and add test to test them * Remove the in-memory change APIs * Add endpoint for changing tags * Add more config endpoints * Starting to point more things away from config file and to the datastore * Populate YP with db data * Create new util method for parsing page body markdown and return it in api * Verify proposed path to ffmpeg * For development purposes show the config key in logs * Move stats values to datastore * Moving over more values to the datastore * Move S3 config to datastore * First pass the config -> db migrator * Add the start of the video config apis * It builds pointing everything away from the config * Tweak ffmpeg path error message * Backup database every hour. Closes #549 * Config + defaults + migration work for db * Cleanup logging * Remove all the old config structs * Add descriptive info about migration * Tweak ffmpeg validation logic * Fix db backup path. backup on db version migration * Set video and s3 configurations * Update api spec with new config endpoints * Add migrator for stats file * Commit updated API documentation * Use a dynamic system port for internal HLS writes. Closes #577 (#626) * Use a dynamic system port for internal HLS writes. Closes #577 * Cleanup * YP key migration to datastore * Create a backup directory if needed before migrations * Remove config test that no longer makes sense. Cleanup. * Change number types from float32 to float64 * Update automated test suite * Allow restoring a database backup via command line flags. Closes #549 * Add new hls segment config api * Commit updated API documentation * Update apis to require a value container property * add socialHandles api * Commit updated API documentation * Add new latancy level setting to replace segment settings * Commit updated API documentation * Fix spelling * Commit updated API documentation * hardcode a json api of available social platforms * Add additional icons * Return social handles in server config api * Add socialhandles validation to test * Move list of hard coded social platforms to an api * Remove audio only code from transcoder since we do not use it * Add latency levels api + snapshot of video settings as current broadcast * Add config/serverurl endpoint * Return 404 on YP api if disabled * Surface stream title in YP response * Add stream title to web ui * Cleanup log message. Closes #520 * Rename ffmpeg package to transcoder * Add ws package for testing * Reduce chat backlog to past 5hrs, max 50. Closes #548 * Fix error formatting * Add endpoint for resetting yp registration * Add yp/reset to api spec. return status in response * Return zero viewer count if stream is offline. Closes #422 * Post-rebase fixes * Fix merge conflict in openapi file * Commit updated API documentation * Standardize controller names * Support setting the stream key via the command line. Closes #665 * Return social handles with YP data. First half of * Give the YP package access to server status regardless if enabled or not * Change delay in automated tests * Add stream title integration API. For #638 * Commit updated API documentation * Add storage to the migrator * Missing returning NSFW value in server config * Add flag to ignore websocket client. Closes #537 * Add error for parsing broadcaster metadata * Add support for a cli specified http server port. Closes #674 * Add cpu usage levels and a temporary mapping between it and libx264 presets * Test for valid url endpoint when saving s3 config * Re-configure storage on every stream to allow changing storage providers * After 5 minutes of a stream being stopped clear the stream title * Hide viewer count once stream goes offline instead of when player stops * Pull steamTitle from the status that gets updated instead of the config * Commit updated API documentation * Optionally show stream title in the header * Reset stream title when server starts * Show chat action when stream title is updated * Allow system messages to come back in persistence * Split out getting chat history for moderation + fix tests * Remove server title and standardize on name only * Commit updated API documentation * Bump from 1.37.1 to 1.37.2 (#680) Bumps []( from 1.37.1 to 1.37.2. - [Release notes]( - [Changelog]( - [Commits]( Signed-off-by: dependabot[bot] <> Co-authored-by: dependabot[bot] <49699333+dependabot[bot]> * Add video variant and stream latency config file migrator * Remove mostly unused disable upgrade check bool * Commit updated API documentation * Allow bundling the admin from the 0.0.6 branch * Fix saving port numbers * Use name instead of old title on window focus * Work on latency levels. Fix test to use levels. Clean up transcoder to only reference levels * Another place where title -> name * Fix test * Bump from 1.37.2 to 1.37.3 (#690) Bumps []( from 1.37.2 to 1.37.3. - [Release notes]( - [Changelog]( - [Commits]( Signed-off-by: dependabot[bot] <> Co-authored-by: dependabot[bot] <49699333+dependabot[bot]> * Update dependabot config * Bump from 1.37.3 to 1.37.5 (#693) Bumps []( from 1.37.3 to 1.37.5. - [Release notes]( - [Changelog]( - [Commits]( Signed-off-by: dependabot[bot] <> Co-authored-by: dependabot[bot] <49699333+dependabot[bot]> * Bump video.js from 7.10.2 to 7.11.4 in /build/javascript (#694) * Bump video.js from 7.10.2 to 7.11.4 in /build/javascript Bumps [video.js]( from 7.10.2 to 7.11.4. - [Release notes]( - [Changelog]( - [Commits]( Signed-off-by: dependabot[bot] <> * Commit updated Javascript packages Co-authored-by: dependabot[bot] <49699333+dependabot[bot]> Co-authored-by: Owncast <> * Make the latency migrator dynamic so I can tweak values easier * Split out fetching ffmpeg path from validating the path so it can be changed in the admin * Some commenting and linter cleanup * Validate the path for a logo change and throw an error if it does not exist * Logo change requests have to be a real file now * Cleanup, making linter happy * Format javascript on push * Only format js in master * Tweak latency level values * Remove unused config file examples * Fix thumbnail generation after messing with the ffmpeg path getter * Reduce how often we report high hardware utilization warnings * Bundle the 0.0.6 branch version of the admin * Return validated ffmpeg path in admin server config * Change the logo to be stored in the data directory instead of webroot * Bump postcss from 8.2.4 to 8.2.5 in /build/javascript (#702) Bumps [postcss]( from 8.2.4 to 8.2.5. - [Release notes]( - [Changelog]( - [Commits]( Signed-off-by: dependabot[bot] <> Co-authored-by: dependabot[bot] <49699333+dependabot[bot]> * Default config file no longer used * don't show stream title when offline addresses * Remove auto-clearing stream title. #677 * webroot -> data when using logo as thumbnail * Do not list websocket/access token create/delete as integration APIs * Commit updated API documentation * Bundle updated admin * Remove pointing to the 0.0.6 admin branch * Linter cleanup * Linter cleanup * Add donations and follow links to show up under social handles * Prettified Code! * More linter cleanup * Update admin bundle * Remove use of platforms.js and return icons with social handles. Closes #732 * Update admin bundle * Support custom config path for use in migration * Remove unused platform-logos.gif * Reduce log level of message * Remove unused logo files in static dir * Handle dev vs. release build info * Restore logo.png for initial thumbnail * Cleanup some files from the build process that are not needed * Fix incorrect build-time injection var * Fix missing file getting copied to the build * Remove console directory message. * Update admin bundle * Fix comment * Report storage setup error * add some value set error checking * Use validated dynamic ffmpeg path for animated gif preview * Make chat message links be white so they don't hide in the bg. Closes #599 * Restore conditional that was accidentally removed Co-authored-by: Aaron Ogle <> Co-authored-by: Owncast <> Co-authored-by: Ginger Wong <> Co-authored-by: dependabot[bot] <49699333+dependabot[bot]> Co-authored-by: nebunez <> Co-authored-by: gabek <>
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  2. go 1.14
  3. require (
  4. v0.0.0-20190523213315-cbe66965904d // indirect
  5. v0.0.0-20190921100247-cafc8de96bc5
  6. v1.38.44
  7. v1.2.4 // indirect
  8. v0.11.1
  9. v1.0.10 // indirect
  10. v0.2.2 // indirect
  11. v2.4.0+incompatible
  12. v1.0.4 // indirect
  13. v0.17.1
  14. v1.14.7
  15. v1.0.9
  16. v0.5.3
  17. v1.1.0 // indirect
  18. v0.0.0-20200712071056-a55089207c88
  19. v0.0.0-20200227124842-a10e7caefd8e // indirect
  20. v1.5.0
  21. v0.0.0-20180920164130-b9218ef580f5
  22. v1.2.4
  23. v3.21.4+incompatible
  24. v1.8.1
  25. v0.0.0-20171029131806-771a37caa5cf
  26. v0.3.5 // indirect
  27. v1.3.7
  28. v0.4.2
  29. v0.0.0-20210421230115-4e50805a0758
  30. v0.0.0-20201208040808-7e3f01d25324
  31. v1.0.0-20200227125254-8fa46927fb4f // indirect
  32. v2.4.0
  33. v1.1.0
  34. )