66 Commits (v2.0)

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  forest 880244457f remove dependencies 🤪 3 months ago
  Lukas Rist 47ffae2331
cleanup and module support (#77) 1 year ago
  Deen 94d9e492cc use 0755 to create new dir (#68) 2 years ago
  康晓宁 4b74a4dba9 fix a typo (#62) 2 years ago
  Juan Osorio Robles 2e8fbeea3f Make default file permissions more restrictive (#83) 2 years ago
  Nate Finch 7d6a187557
Fix test timing (#64) 3 years ago
  Tyler Butters aee4629129 Update docs, adding `Compress` setting details (#49) 4 years ago
  Nate Finch df99d62fd4 switch to travis (#44) 4 years ago
  Joel Sing a96e63847d Add support for log file compression (#43) 4 years ago
  Nate Finch dd45e6a67c
update docs w/ backup format info 5 years ago
  Nate Finch e21e5cbec0 fix filemode in tests (#28) 5 years ago
  Nate Finch 514cbda263 Merge pull request #19 from tpot/patch-1 5 years ago
  Tim Potter 5bae0dc0e2 Use gopkg.in provider instead of github 5 years ago
  Tim Potter 3cfd7a4e74 Update rotate_test.go to use v2 of project 5 years ago
  Nate Finch 600ceb4523 Merge pull request #14 from bz2/use_yaml_v2 6 years ago
  Martin Packman a8ed6f4e42 Switch to using gopkg.in/yaml.v2 6 years ago
  Nate Finch 20b71e5b60 add coverage badge 6 years ago
  Nate Finch 588a21fb0f Fix bug #12 6 years ago
  Nate Finch 75cb3494f9 Merge pull request #11 from elithrar/v2.0 6 years ago
  Matt Silverlock 894827f8df Fixed import in example test to use gopkg.in. 6 years ago
  Nate Finch d28785c2f2 Update README.md 7 years ago
  Nate Finch 6d3dfa6c0e fix test failures on windows 7 years ago
  Nate Finch 689fc505a0 add changes to maintain perms and owner of logfile 7 years ago
  Nate Finch 8b224001f4 fix a spot where an error was not properly returned 7 years ago
  Nate Finch 2837c0edfb comment to make MaxAge units more obvious 7 years ago
  Nate Finch afe0d238a1 fix link in badge 7 years ago
  Nate Finch 5265fd14fe fix link in badge 7 years ago
  Nate Finch cbb980c246 remove travis.yml, update badges, use drone.io for builds 7 years ago
  Nate Finch 3aa94be380 update readme and mention gopkg.in in godoc 7 years ago
  Nate Finch 78d709c0cc v2 is go! 7 years ago
  Nate Finch a6f35bab25 Update README.md 7 years ago
  Nate Finch d4187366d3 Update example to not use a filename that causes problems on windows and split out rotate example into its own file, since it's the only thing that is linux-only 7 years ago
  Nate Finch 8ec9c6b748 Update .travis.yml 7 years ago
  Nate Finch 9b971d9efa add tests for yaml and toml in addition to the existing json test 7 years ago
  Nate Finch 72cc861377 Change definition of maxage to make it easier (i.e. possible) to load from a json/yaml/etc 7 years ago
  Nate Finch 06f4f4ea5e go back to using defer to unlock in close and rotate 7 years ago
  Nate Finch ffd1aed5ff make the code in Write a little more logical, and add a missing test, though the code worked correctly before. 7 years ago
  Nate Finch fc6790d66f refactor internally a little to clean up the code. Make the main example a real example so we make sure it compiles 7 years ago
  Nate Finch 03e9c77b42 remove erroneous old comment 7 years ago
  Nate Finch 7067ec8bae Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/natefinch/lumberjack 7 years ago
  Nate Finch 819bdb463d better version of check for io.WriteCloser 7 years ago
  Nate Finch 296e7b31f2 Update README.md 7 years ago
  Nate Finch 26f86e4c4e Update README.md 7 years ago
  Nate Finch 20a6506830 readme again 7 years ago
  Nate Finch ffdf92b04f Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/natefinch/lumberjack 7 years ago
  Nate Finch 922e686512 add example of rotating in response to sighup 7 years ago
  Nate Finch 06ce2e3d7a Update README.md 7 years ago
  Nate Finch 35a206f7bd update readme's godoc 7 years ago
  Nate Finch 6412f2cf51 move mutex to unexported field 7 years ago
  Nate Finch cf9adaef63 Revert "move mutex to unexported field" 7 years ago